Creative Open Breaking

Creative Open Breaking

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Be sure to read and understand the General Breaking Rules

Creative Open Breaking - Any Materials, No Fire or Glass Breaks


Any materials can be used except fire and glass breaks. Examples of materials are cement blocks, wood boards, concrete, wood poles, bricks, metal, etc. Creativity of materials used, props, and techniques will increase a competitor’s score. Music is allowed, but competitor will be responsible for music.


Props and “prop stations” may be used. Competitor will be allowed a maximum of 3 prop stations that will not be included in their routine for scoring purposes. Competitor must communicate prop stations to the ring coordinator and judges before the start of their routine. Glass may be used as a prop, such as a bed of glass, as long as it is contained and not broken on site.  


All techniques are allowed. Competitor may use any strike to break.

Breaking Stations:

The competitor may set up a maximum of 10 stations. Each break will be considered one station. Simultaneous breaks will be considered one station. If competitor leaves the ground all breaks executed before he/she returns to the ground will be considered one station.  A station may be free standing, set on stands, or held by assistants. Competitor will be responsible for all materials required to set up their stations. Competitors will also be required to ensure the safety of fellow competitors and spectators as outlined in “General: Safety” above.

Time Limits:

Competitor will have a maximum of 6 minutes to set-up, break, and clean up the area. A deduction of 3 points will be taken off the competitor’s final score for every 15 seconds over the allotted time. Deductions will begin after the 6-minute mark. Time is cumulative, determined as follows: time starts when competitor starts set-up, time stops when competitor completes set-up, time starts again upon the attempt of the first break, time stops upon the completion of the last break, time starts when clean-up begins, time stops when the ring is cleared as determined by the ring coordinator.


Competitor will be judged on difficulty, creativity, focus, and completion of breaks.


In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by the exclusion of low and/or high scores, a 1-station break-off, or a show of hands—at the Judges’ discretion.


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