Point Sparring

Point Sparring

518 24bGENERAL:
  • 2 minutes time limit, fight ends when 1 competitor earns 5 points or after 2 minutes, whichever comes first.
  • Ties = sudden death, next point wins.
  • 1 Point for a clean hand strike, 1 points for a clean kick.
  • No official coaching during the match, no parents, team members in the ring, cheering is allowed!
  • NO grabbing, leg checking, sweeping, ground fighting or blind techniques.
  • NO point if you fall to the ground during or after scoring a point.

All competitors are required to wear: foam dipped head gear, hand gear, foot gear, mouth guard, groin protector (males). All jewelry must be removed. Soft shin guards (no hard soccer shin guards allowed) & Rib/Chest Guards are recommended.

Please insure that your students have the required mandatory safety equipment.  Competitor’s gear will be checked at the staging area.  If they do not have the required mandatory equipment by the time they leave the staging area, they will be disqualified.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Students may strike their opponent’s: chest, rib cage and abdominal area (side seam of uniform forward) & protected areas of the head (excluding back of the head).

Illegal target areas include: groin, back & kidneys, throat, face.


  • No Contact-no contact with opponent at all.  *NO POINT.
  • Light to Light Medium Contact-contact ranging from light touch to contact that can move an opponent’s body/head SLIGHTLY.

All beginner/intermediate sparring divisions need to demonstrate this level of contact in order to score points to the body and head.

  • Light Medium to Medium Contact-contact ranging from moving the opponent’s body slightly to moving it a moderate amount, without being considered excessive, heavy, or intending to harm.

All  advanced and Black Belt divisions need to demonstrate this level of contact in order to score points to the body. **Contact to the head must remain light medium in all divisions.

  • Heavy Contact-contact that is excessive and will result in a warning, penalty point, both, or immediate disqualification if in the judges opinion there was no consideration of the contact rules.


ONE verbal warning will be given to a fighter for committing a foul; Subsequent fouls of any type will result in a penalty point given to the opponent.

Judges may disqualify a fighter after ANY display of blatant disregard for the rules, of any type.


  • Groin strikes, including unintentional kicking too low.
  • Strikes to the back, back of the head, face, or any other illegal target area.
  • Grabbing/holding
  • Leg checking or sweeping
  • Ground fighting
  • Running out of the ring
  • Excessive contact
  • Disrespect or unsportsmanlike conduct to the judges or opponent
  • Coaching
  • Not fighting



21 March 2024



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